Top 5 Best Popular Korean Romantic Drama Series To Watch On YouTube

1. Put your head on my shoulder

1. This drama has a very simple but interesting and engaging plot, you can look forward to every episode and it focuses a lot on the main leads. Which I personally really like! Gu Weiyi (Male Lead) is my favourite character EVER! He’s that cute “cold” “quiet” and extremely intelligent guy who seems like he could never be sweet, but is the sweetest and cutest guy ever. He really makes an effort and is straightforward, the chemistry between him and her is really good they match each other very well! The story us also partly told in the male’s point of view which I liked since this is not usually the case in majority of dramas (at least the ones I’ve ever watched) by Trisha Mae Ramos

2.All I want for love is you

A story full of laughs follows sanda fighter Gu Xiao Man and school genius Zuo An as they chase after love. There’s nothing sweeter than to have your crush crushing on you and their story continues on.

3.Be Yourself

In the 1st year of university, tomboy Xia Lang Lang, spoiled girl Huang Fu Shu Min, rich girl Fan Xiao Yu, and nerd Yang Jia Qian meet up and becomes friends. They have been through a lot and grow up together, their friendship also goes deeper and firmer after everything they experienced. –

4. My Love, Enlighten Me

Such a good drama, we get to see the development of the relationship between the lead couple. It also shows the reality of life that not everyone get to fulfill their dreams. it has got great comedy , romance and a lot of emotions.

5. The Brightest Star In The Sky

The brightest star in the sky became my absolute favorite Chinese drama. If you’re looking for adorable romance, and cute comedy THIS WILL DEFINITELY FULFULL YOUR NEEDS! It has everything from love triangles, to the ‘arrogant’ boy who is actually very kind hearted and ends up falling for the girl he never expected , and the amazing friendships built within this show. I experienced many heavy, and amazing emotions while watching this. I laughed, cried, smiled, and my heart was always BEAATING super fast! (especially on the romantic parts)