Self love

What is self love ?

Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Tips for Self Love

1.Taking responsibility for your life

Only you have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward.

2.Believe in yourself

Jim Carrey once said “I already have those things I just don’t have access to them yet”. So it’s all about your mindset and what you invest your time in.

3.There are no wrong paths

Understand that those paths are the ones that lead you to your success. You are not defined by what someone says is a failure for you because it’s that same failure that points you to the right direction.

4.Meditate Daily

Clear out the negative thought process and fill your mind with positive words. Positive energy attracts positive energy.If you are always negative you blocking out all the good things.

5.Take care of yourself

Treat yourself the same way you’d want others to treat you. Always stay clean and keep your cup full (learn new different things and upgrade yourself) and you will have so much to offer to the world and fulfil your purpose.

6. Go within and connect

Go inside yourself and find that source where you know all things are possible. Never look for the acceptance of others.

7. List things you are grateful for each day

If you focus on things that don’t that you don’t have then you’ll never have enough, be grateful.

It begins and ends with you.

7 Ways to level up in your 20’s

1.Be Disciplined

Discipline is the glue that brings all these things I’m about to mention together.Be committed to putting in the work or nothing will get done. You must be willing to sacrifice some things to achieve your goals.

2. Plan Everything

If you fail to plan then plan to fail. Get a diary to write down list of things you plan to achieve for the day, it helps achieve your goals.

3. Educate Yourself

Google is free!!!! And also read more books on new things you’d like to learn, I will also suggest audiobooks or podcasts while you walking, driving, doing chores etc

4. Mind the Business that pays you

Spend your time on something that will benefit you and stay out of people’s business. Try not to think about what someone else will think about you when you want to try out something.

5. Invest in yourself

Look the part, Know your part, Be the part and Dress the part. You should write down your long term plans or learn a new skill. Take care of your personal hygiene, skin and how you smell.

6. Learn how to budget

Don’t overspend, learn how to budget and save money. That’s where discipline comes in, saving for the next era while achieving your goals.

7. Pick your friends Carefully

People you spend your time around or your friends determine how you end up. It does get harder to make friends as we grow older but make sure to choose friends who have similar goals, values, etc. Don’t feel forced to keep the same friends forever, if it’s not working out don’t force it.

Hope you like this and I would love to hear your inputs.