The Secret to Self Discipline

Life is all about becoming all that we can possibly be. It’s having the full development of all of your potential and wise use of all your resources.


1: It’s the awareness of the need for and the value of discipline.

2: The willingness, more than that the eagerness to maintain your new discipline deliberately wisely, and consistently.

3: The commitment to master the circumstances of your daily life. Make something of the sun and the rain.


– To feel self worth and the surging feeling of accomplishment

– It alters your life direction

-It cooperates with nature, what is meant for you shall come to you

-It attracts opportunity


Reason – What is the deep reason you want to do it.

Research – The more you absorb information the more you can create transformation. (e.g. books, podcasts, and people)

Repetition – Make it a priority and stay consistent. (Repeat the process)

Responsibility – You can join a group of people with the same goal as you so you don’t just rely on your motivation only. It will push you to take responsibility and accountability.

Reward – Make sure to recognize the growth you’re making and reward yourself for it.

10 Rules of Self Discipline

1: Keep cool while others are hot. (stay calm, cool, and collected especially in an argument )

2. There are three sides to all Arguments (Your side, Their side and the right side)

3. Never give directives to a subordinate when you’re angry

4. Treat people like you would treat yourself ( leave a legacy)

5. Look for the seed of equivalent benefit in every unpleasant circumstance which you are in #balance good with bad

6. Learn to ask questions and listen

7. Never say or do anything before thinking if it will benefit someone or hurt them #karma

8. Learn the difference between friendly analysis and unfriendly criticism (improve with constructive feedback)

9. Be ready to receive the same energy you give out.

10. Tolerance is needed in human relationships but don’t tolerate toxic environments

Self Displine

What is self discipline?

Self-discipline is the ability to push yourself forward, stay motivated, and take action, regardless of how you’re feeling, physically or emotionally. You are showing it when you intentionally choose to pursue something better for yourself, and you do it in spite of factors like distractions, hard work, or unfavorable odds.

Discipline is about getting it done because it needs to be done.

The center of bringing a dream to fruition is self-discipline. It’s getting command of your mind and be able to choose actions that are in your best interest.

Discipline isn’t punishment, it is the definition of self-love because you have a behavior towards yourself that is loving and you want the best for yourself. Don’t allow people to determine you feel and think.

When motivation dies, you can let discipline take its place. If we do not discipline ourselves the world will do it most harshly. Do whatever you can to be the best version of yourself. Remember what you do today can change your life tomorrow. Days turn into months and months into years, so be aware of what you spend your time on.

Be all that you can be and don’t let habits. drag you down from the full development of what you can have and are capable of having.

Anyone reading this: Be the best version of yourself and push yourself to new heights.

Self love

What is self love ?

Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Tips for Self Love

1.Taking responsibility for your life

Only you have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward.

2.Believe in yourself

Jim Carrey once said “I already have those things I just don’t have access to them yet”. So it’s all about your mindset and what you invest your time in.

3.There are no wrong paths

Understand that those paths are the ones that lead you to your success. You are not defined by what someone says is a failure for you because it’s that same failure that points you to the right direction.

4.Meditate Daily

Clear out the negative thought process and fill your mind with positive words. Positive energy attracts positive energy.If you are always negative you blocking out all the good things.

5.Take care of yourself

Treat yourself the same way you’d want others to treat you. Always stay clean and keep your cup full (learn new different things and upgrade yourself) and you will have so much to offer to the world and fulfil your purpose.

6. Go within and connect

Go inside yourself and find that source where you know all things are possible. Never look for the acceptance of others.

7. List things you are grateful for each day

If you focus on things that don’t that you don’t have then you’ll never have enough, be grateful.

It begins and ends with you.


Oh my dear For how long will you fear The night is falling over us All your tears will be out of sight

Your sniffles fill the silent night I’ve gotten used to this lullaby

I drift into a limited escape You call me your hero but I don’t deserve this cape I couldn’t save you from this pain

I dream of you smiling It made me forget why you were hiding I dream of your freedom from the cages of fear A battle from within I can’t intervene